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How to choose the right leo?

In gymnastics, the leotard is your second skin! When it is the right size, it allows great flexibility and fluidity of movement.

But how to choose the right leo? We tell you everything here!

  • Know your size

It is important to make sure that your leotard fits you well. If not, the gymnast will not be able to fully concentrate on her performance. For a leotard to fit well, it must be close enough to the body to highlight the movements. It should not be too small either: the length of the sleeves should reach the level of the wrists.

To know exactly your leotard size, you can directly refer to the measurements of our size guide on our website!

  • Select the right materials

Choosing a leotard also involves selecting the right materials. Our leotards are made from different fabrics depending on the collection. According to the materials used, the leotards can become more or less elastic and smooth to the touch. In this case, it will depend on your preferences in terms of support and rendering on the skin.

  • Love the colors, patterns and rhinestones

Finally, choosing the right leo also depends on your personal preferences! Flashy or distracted, ultra-straight or sober, leave room for your desires. The important thing is to feel comfortable with your leotard.

So, what is your favorite leotard?

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