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How to prepare for your training?

How to prepare for your training?

The resumption of training is always a moment filled with great motivation and good will. But be careful not to rush!

How to choose the right leo?

How to choose the right leo?

In gymnastics, the leotard is your second skin! When it is the right size, it allows great flexibility and fluidity of movement.

Publié le 16/09/2022

How to prepare for your training?

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The resumption of training is always a moment filled with great motivation and good will. But be careful not to rush! GAM, GAF... as you all know, gymnastics is a sport that requires many physical qualities and an excellent physical preparation.

Today, we give you some tips on how to get ready for your workouts!

Warm up well before physical effort

The warm-up is the most important step! This step will be decisive for the rest of the training because it will prepare your body for the physical effort.

10 minutes before your training session, devote ten minutes to a small physical preparation with a few warm-up exercises: flexibility, stretching of arms, legs, feet and hands. By starting with a few exercises, your body temperature will gradually rise to provide optimal preparation for the upcoming workout.

Remember to stay hydrated

It is important, for your physical comfort, to have a bottle of water with you throughout the preparation phase, during and after training. Our body needs at least 2 liters of water per day, but this need can increase when a physical effort is made.

As soon as you feel thirsty, it is a sign that your body is dehydrated. Drinking water during your workout should then be an automatic.

Prepare your stuff in advance

A training session does not only depend on a physical preparation but it is also organized beforehand to be sure not to have forgotten anything once the training arrives.

First, remember to take your water bottle, it will be vital for your comfort. Secondly, take the essential accessories for the good progress of your training: potholders, training justo, hair scrunchie, towel.


Having the right gear

The choice of your equipment will determine the success of your training.

Potholders: fixed bars, rings, asymmetric bars, their size must be adapted to your hands. From XS to XXL, selecting the right size of potholders is essential to avoid injury during these exercises.

Slippers: like potholders, the size of your slippers must be adapted to your shoe size. It is impossible not to find your happiness with our performance shoes (from 31 to 44), available on our site!

Leotards : essential outfit for this discipline, the choice of leotard depends on several criteria. Sporting practice, colors, patterns, rhinestones, material, size, flexibility... each gymnast has his own leotard.

No more excuses not to prepare your training, good luck to all!

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