Moreau Sport Couture is much more than a brand of technical sportswear, it is above all a community. With more than a dozen sponsored athletes recognized on a national and international scale, we founded the Moreau Academy.

Created with the objective of providing ultra-personalized support to our athletes, our goal is to advise them in the development of their image and to be attentive to their needs, not only with regard to their status as athletes, but also their status as influential personalities.

Because we wish to write history together, the Moreau Academy is composed of emblematic athletes such as Emilie Le Pennec (1st French gymnast to have won a gold medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004) and others such as Lorette Charpy, Melanie Jesus Dos Santos or even, of tomorrow, such as, Taïs Boura, Djenna Laroui whose sporting potential is no longer to be justified.

On a daily basis we accompany these gymnasts, true ambassadors and representatives of our brand values.

As ambassadors, these athletes are an integral part of our development dynamic.

We create products that resemble them and that are adapted to their sport discipline so that they become one with our leotards.

We develop custom-made pieces to give them optimal freedom and infinite comfort. We did it for Lorette Charpy, creating a customized short that is adapted to the movements of her sport. 

Co-creation of collections with Melanie Jesus Dos Santos and Lorette Charpy, launching of campaigns, photo shoots, new collections: they have a major role in the emancipation of our brand by bringing us a fresh look.

Coaching, advice, personal development and image management are all services offered by the Moreau Academy to athletes with the same objective, to reach the stars together.