Concerned about the environment and the impact of the textile industry on global warming, we have chosen to use recycled or organic materials.

In search of more eco-responsible fabrics, we have chosen to make our training 2021 collection from ECONYL. ECONYL is a nylon fiber collected in the oceans, where it would have taken decades to degrade, the fiber is then recycled and revalued.   This process cleans the oceans of abandoned fishing nets that threaten marine species.

Established in the gymnastics sector for more than 38 years, we are proud to employ more than 30 people. The know-how of our teams and the development of French manufacturing are at the heart of the company's strategy.

At Christian Moreau, we consider the well-being of athletes to be of utmost importance. All of our collections are designed to meet the needs of gyms in their sport. Being attentive to everyone is one of our main concerns when we design our future collections and communication.